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I am Mrs. Rice, a licensed school counselor. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child. You many contact me at or
As a School Counselor, I perform the following roles in order to promote positive development in academic, career, and personal/social domains:

  • Individual counseling (short term)
  • Teach problem solving strategies
  • Classroom guidance (i.e. Large group counseling)
  • Create and deliver our Character Education program for all students
  • Create and deliver our Olweus Anti-Bullying program for all students
  • Attend and participate in academic intervention meetings (IAT/RTI)
  • Organize and administer building testing
  • Observe students in various school environments
  • Consult and collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, social workers, and students
  • Respond to student and/or school crises or emergency situations
  • Provide information and resources to parents on a variety of issues

I am always looking out for the best interest of your child, but please remember that what a student shares with me is confidential unless someone is hurting them or they are at risk of hurting themselves or others. I work with them on strategies that will help them solve their problems, find words to clarify what they need, or just listen if that is what they need.
Additionally, I always encourage students to share their concerns with their family.

Connection and Community
I also work a great deal on the school climate at Main Elementary. We want to provide a positive school climate that allows everyone to feel safe and valued. Our school is also implementing Positive Intervention and Behavioral Supports (PBIS) which has had a significant impact on our school climate. A more detailed description of what PBIS includes is explained in a separate tab. PBIS will be implemented slowly and in stages. We would like to establish different pieces, and get them running well, before introducing additional pieces. During the 2016-2017 school year, we have introduced The Main Way: Be Respectful, Responsible, and Trustworthy. All students are familiar with this theme.

I visit every classroom each month which allows me to get to know the students and for them to become comfortable with me. My classroom guidance lessons teach students how to handle conflict with others, deal with bullying behavior, improve their communication and listening skills, make good decisions, and develop lifelong relationships skills.

I also hold Character Stations one time per month where all students come together to focus on the Character Word of the month. We are usually involved in a hands on activity that teaches the concept.These are great learning opportunities and the students enjoy them.